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WWDC 2019

Ok, now that the kid is finally sleeping, I could quickly check what Apple has delivered this year. So far I’m very impressed. Three things caught my attention.

First, something that I dreamt about badly probably since my primary school years — you can finally connect two pairs of wireless headphones to one phone! Gosh, how many things I envisioned. The best one was a Bluetooth audio broadcaster that you can put in a pocket. But Apple has exceeded all of my expectations.

Second, SwiftUI is something I wanted for many years. A declarative UI framework with hot code reloading. My initial reaction was that it needs to prove itself first to become a thing that “a real programmer would use.” But with Apple’s marketing agenda I don’t have significant doubts in that. Raw UIKit adapters seem to be there too. See, Apple, you can do amazing stuff! Now imagine they would spend all of their effort building similar stuff on foundations they had instead of reimplementing the universe!

And third, I’m really, really impressed how well Apple executes its longer term strategy. Last year we got Marzipan and a bunch of iOS apps on macOS. This year we got screen sharing aka Sidecar between macOS and iPadOS. From what I can tell one can tap on the macOS screen with a finger now. So the next logical thing is to get either touchscreen macs (not sure about that) or further laptop use case displacement with iPads. Anyway, the story is so coherent in my mind that I’m blown away. And every step encourages you to spend more money. Well played.

Last edited on Jun 3, 2019