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Work atmosphere

I know that some people are put off by other people being overly optimistic. For example, when a manager on a team acts a bit too visionary.

It’s difficult to build a team where there’s a nice atmosphere. But it has to be done. Nobody want to come to an office of disenchanted coworkers.

Cynicism is often what makes people very relatable, especially for people that do the actual job. Cynicism is a manifestation of distrust and pride. I distrust my boss, because they say nice and positive things, but then don’t do anything about what they’ve said in the past; so after a few of similar incidents I start putting everything they say through a distrust filter. If someone from the management team seems to be supportive of my boss, they immediately fall into the bucket named “liars”. Rightfully so, I think. But because I’m the one who does the actual work, and I do my best to deliver on all of my accounts, I become (most likely subconciously) prideful, and start putting myself morally above all of these corporate parasites. Pride is ugly in any shape of form, so that’s a downside.

We tend to hold stronger to our negative experiences. So after working with a bad manager, we become suspicious of all of the future ones.

I think that’s normal. Trust and friendships have to be earned. If you’re building a team, keep doing what you’ve said, and keep being positive. At some point people will see that you’re a real deal.

Last edited on Mar 17, 2019