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Why does letting go work

Did you ever wonder why the notion of letting go of control works for people? Why do we struggle, hold to our fears and foundations, suffer from that, and only then discover that we can change our thinking and feelings about something seemingly important, which in fact is not that important at all?

You may have experienced this feeling in your life. For me, the biggest transitions happened when I understood that I can’t change other people, nor satisfy their real deepest needs, especially for the closest people I have in my life; whenI understood that I’m not going to become a swimsuit model with a beautiful smile; when I understood that I’m also going to get old, if God’s will; when I donated more money than was left in the account; when I quit my seemingly secure job to start a new company.

The question I’d like to put in your mind today is why there’s such a mechanism inside us that makes our spirit bigger and mind calmer when we release a stronghold or take a risk. Why does it work?

No mathematical fact is an island.

Perhaps, most of the things we do today is some manifestations of wanting to be in control? Manifestations of us pretending we know what we do?

In other news, sadly I missed Clojure Berlin today, but I had a pretty rad run today.

Last edited on Apr 10, 2019