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What if

People like to use the following technique. They see someone who doesn’t care about life or who complains a lot. They want that person to “wake up”. So they say the following: “I have a friend and his mother has cancer. And here you’re sitting complaining about life. Shouldn’t you be grateful that all your relatives are healthy?”

If you’re like me, you’re immediately freaking out, your eyes get wet and you go and call your mother. Well done, motivational guru.

Now, what if I bring another situation: “I have a friend and their mother is healthy as I don’t know what. She’s 97 years old but still runs 7 miles every morning, rides a horse and can push 50kg with her left leg, and the leg is not even prostatic. It gets even worse — his mother’s mother enjoys life at 118 years of age and just got a new boyfriend. His mother’s mother’s mother died happily on the day she came down after summiting Everest, in her sleep, after a dinner in a nice restaurant with all her 16 grandchildren kissing her and wishing good night. Imagine that!”

Should I be more grateful for my happy life or less in both of these cases?

Last edited on Sep 30, 2019