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Westerners about food

I’ve made this observation a few years ago, and I can’t disprove it to this day. Most of my EU and US friends are very specific about food. One of the phrases that blew my freshly immigrated post-USSR mind was “I don’t feel like eating pizza/pasta/hummus/anything else today”. First, is “hummus” some sort of food or a restaurant? But then I wondered: what does this phrase even mean? Does this sentence make sense at all?

Now I know it does. I often say this phrase myself. I think being picky is the way to go in an environment of abundance. But a few years back I was very surprised of people being so picky. And I’ve never heard such a phrase. As far as I can tell, the closest alternative in Ukrainian culture is “uh, I ate pizza/pasta/anything else already three times this week and I’m sick of it.”

Anyway, the point I wanted to make when I thought about writing this post is the following: I observe westerners being specific about complex foods. People might appreciate a specific kind of salami, wine, cheese. They crave going out to their favorite restaurant.

And what still blows my mind is that plain tasty vegetables and fruits are close to impossible to find in Berlin. It’s weird, but I don’t think people even understand or want it. Yes, there are organic shops and markets. Believe me, I tried hard to find tasty tomatoes and cucumbers. By now I’m pretty sure they don’t exist in Berlin. And yet in Ukraine, during the season, almost at every corner you can get these veggies so tasty they can send your tastebuds off to the moon.

I guess I’m nostalgic about my home country. Berlin is awesome. I won’t forgive it with the tomatoes though.

Last edited on Jul 25, 2019