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Ultimate peace

Today I was listening to a very inspiring podcast episode on Mad Fientist. The story is about a fellow who went underwater with his money and in general with him becoming a responsible human being, and then how he changed it all basically overnight.

The whole story is great, but where it really got me to the wow point was when the guest mentioned arriving at the feeling of peace, which was a completely new feeling for him.

I don’t know if I’ve experienced something like this. I hopefully did a few times in my life. I doubt that it’s entirely impossible to achieve this state of inner being without becoming financially independent, though in this podcast they’ve agreed it would not be possible for both of them. See, if this feeling would depend only on money, then it’s a very fragile situation to be in. Perhaps it’s much less volatile in the USA. But I’ve seen people loosing money in no time. Governments change, wars happen, robbers rob — this all happened within my country of origin and my family not so long ago.

My quest is to find an understanding of an ultimate way of being content. It needs to make sense. It needs to be independent of modern social constructs and economy. Basically like math, but for the soul. It needs to connect all of the dots in my head.

Last edited on Apr 3, 2019