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Tracking visitors

I’ve inwardly debated myself whether I should add a tracking script like Google Analytics to this website. The benefit is that I can see that people appreciate it and pay attention to me. The downside is that I can see that, and I would most certainly want to see it multiple times a day.

Then I ask myself: if I ever want to stop blogging every day, which probably happens very soon because one can have just so many ideas to share, will seeing that there are many visitors stop me from quitting? By the principal on inquisitive querying, I remind myself that readers is not why I’m writing every day.

So why I’m writing? I think it gives me hope that I’m able to do things. There’s one solution to all human’s problems that causes them self-harm — just do the right things and quit doing the wrong things. That’s often impossible. Writing daily gives me this emotional anchor that I’m able.

So no, this website is free of any analytics tracking scripts as of now, May 3rd 2019. There’s a bit of JavaScript now on the first page — the very first paragraph after the title. Check it out.

Last edited on May 3, 2019