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Too deep explanations

People arrive at market fit from different standpoints.

Take an approach that combines brute force approach and opportunity. A person or a group begins to work on a product. They try several ideas, and nothing sticks with the user. Then they suddenly might see an opportunity, and somehow it starts to stick. Slack is famous for having used this approach: they found out they could make a chat app while working on games. It somehow happened. It wasn’t foreseeable.

Take another approach, the dreamer’s one. For a long time, a person or a group thinks about philosophy, human nature and needs. At some point the sweet spot of thinker’s ability and human needs is met. For example, the bright minds at PARC, coming up with modern computing tools such as GUIs, a mouse and a WYSIWYG text editor. Human being has hands; humans have used tools to build civilization; we should provide humans with the new set of tools for them to express their ideas; let’s give them a pointing device that is precise; let’s try a mouse.

I don’t know if the approach matters. What definitely matters is the way they explain their ideas to the user. Most of the users won’t care how one arrives at the solution, thus explaining the complete history of thought shouldn’t be done for wide auditories.

Last edited on Dec 2, 2019