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The private email experiment

But his emails!

I’ve been trying to use email and phone calls recently a bit more than I would do previously. It works out to be interesting so far. I have several people with whom I exchange emails once in a while. We share some recent news, updates and ideas. It’s like writing short blog posts but just for a single friend.

What I really like is that we can take days to respond to these private emails without offending each other. There’s no expectation for a quick reply.

Today I’ve met with one of such friends for a coffee, and it was a nice segue from a digital conversation to a usual one. We kept talking about various topics, and it was still very interesting for me to hear the details. I knew the highlights of what my friend was talking about, and the details provoked more questions from my side. I didn’t feel like we were disconnected at all for the time we haven’t seen each other.

I’ll continue the private email experiment.

Last edited on Mar 26, 2019