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Talking and running

I’m talking a lot these days. Mostly about myself, but also a lot about work. I mean, people ask for it, so I try to entertain them. I’m kind of tired of it. Part of it is that I needed to explain to all of the candidates for my new team what we’re about and what we will be building. I will pay more attention to listening in the following days and weeks.

I went for a run in the evening today. I did 10k. I haven’t done 10k since March or April last year. Cool thing is that I don’t have any sore muscles this time, and no pain in the knees. I remember when I just started to run (I think 2 or 3 years ago), and even 800m would give me so much pain that I had to stop. A bit later, after 3k my knees would hurt for up to 48 hours so bad that I had to walk without bending my legs. Now it’s way better. What I’ve changed: proper warm-up, run on the front part of the foot, get proper running shoes.

I wanted to listen to a podcast during the run and I didn’t want to take the phone with me. So I borrowed the awesome iPod Shuffle from my kid, loaded a podcast using a cable via iTunes, and went out. Really, I had to even use these headphones with a cable? Oh yes, I did, and I’m surprised how well it worked out! And I didn’t have to bring a full-blown pocket computer with me. iPod Shuffle has these very handy big buttons for the playback control and it’s a bliss to press them even with my thick woolen gloves.

I’m keeping my fitness diary up to date too.

Last edited on Jan 22, 2019