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Switched to an "old" phone

Due to some circumstances I had a chance to try somethin I wanted to do for a while — to switch to an older phone. I went with an iPhone SE, a model which by now is already 3 years old. It has an amazing size, weight and performance characteristics compared to every modern smartphone, great screen, camera and fingerprint sensor. I personally think that most of the smartphone innovation stopped with this form-factor. From that moment on the benefits were mostly made up in my opinion.

But if I’m honest, the only reason why I wanted to switch is because I wanted a piece of hardware that would bring the maximum amount of convenience to my life, but at the same time it wouldn’t attract me. I’ve learnt that I very much like new and shiny equipment. iPhone SE is boring, and I don’t want to use it. I use it when I need it and it doesn’t attract me. This is my favorite of its features.

And oh my, how horrible the internet experience has become since the last time I’ve used a browser on a 4” screen!

Last edited on Feb 3, 2019