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Summer garden floor

I’m thinking often about a summer garden floor. That is, the ground. There are things that look great, that don’t get worse as one uses them and that don’t need a lot of maintenance. I don’t care if it’s dusty or not, if somebody goes on it with or without shoes, if something has spilt over it. I don’t really care how it looks like down there, so I can sit with my head up straight and watch the sky as the sun goes down.

A bright beige expensive couch is an exact opposite of it. That’s why I don’t envy those who possess one.

I wish that household items, clothing, bicycles and software would be like a summer garden floor. That is, they look and work great, don’t get worse over time and don’t need lots of maintenance. I see classic style in things, carbon belt drive and Clojure as tiny steps in the right direction.

Last edited on Feb 11, 2019