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Static website generator rant

I’m blogging every day for four months straight already. I might have skipped a day or two, but I would write two posts on the next day then. I don’t care if you think it’s cheating. This blog is for me in the first place anyway.

So now I feel like I have a bit of a right to rant about static website generators. I specifically forced myself to put almost no effort in the tooling behind this website until now, because I know how I and many other people end up not publishing anything because of the tooling paralysis.

So now it’s time to make it look like a real homeblog.

I’m using Jekyll at the moment. Almost everything feels great:

Now the downsides:

So I think I’m in the market for the new blogging engine. I want a good website hosting too. I have very little requirements — keep the good parts about Jekyll and GitHub Pages and solve the bad parts that I’m experiencing. If you can recommend anything — please let me know.

Happy first of May everyone!

Last edited on Apr 30, 2019