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Stack Overflow Survey 2019

Stack Overflow published their Developer Survey for 2019, and among all (yay, Clojure devs earn the most on average!) of the questions this one caught my attention. How come >81% of Chinese and >80% Ukrainian participants believe that future people will live much better, but there are only >56% of German participants who answered this question positively? Have you seen France?

Is it because when everything is great, a person becomes even more demanding, more picky and starts to pay attention to smaller problems? Like, a person who receives just 50€ a month won’t even bother thinking about holes on the driveway, and they perhaps think that only if they get 500€ a month then the life would become easy, and thus they just dream that their child would earn more than that. That’s totally possible, so they are optimistic about the future. Money do solve problems in similar scenarios.

Or is it because when everything is great then a person starts to pay attention to bigger problems that are not trivial to solve (climate change, wars, economies, identity issues etc.) and starts to fear them? These problems are difficult to solve, thus they become pessimistic. Should we then follow the good old “the less you know, the better you sleep” translated-from-Russian proverb?

In case you wonder, I’m full of opinions and spent just 20 minutes writing this note.

Last edited on Apr 15, 2019