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Speeches and trust

I noticed that I tend not to trust a person who delivers a speech or a message, independently of the platform, if they are not openly talking about their flaws, recent mistakes and imperfections; if they skew the gray area of some ethical concerns in a way that they can potentially, or factually, benefit from; if they don’t say anything in particular, rather than just words of excitement, encouragement and listeners’ self-satisfaction; if they play the teeters-totters trick of jumping between this is good VS this is bad maximas while talking about the same thing. A person can be a great influencer, and not believing them can cost a portion of one’s social capital.

What’s tricky is that sometimes the argument they are delivering is a valid one, but because the spokesperson is contradicting (in my eyes) the argument with their own lifestyle, I discard it.

It’s difficult not to judge the person but rather the message. It’s a good reminder for me not to do so.

Last edited on Feb 17, 2019