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Specialization 101

I’m thinking a bit about professional specialization lately. According to modern economics 101, specialization is what empowers all of the technological growth and development. Having all the nice things is great. I’m not too old, but I remember how I wished I would have something like a smartphone just 20 years ago. I don’t even mention things like century-old buildings, central heating, concrete roads, airplanes and public transport.

On the other hand, not all of the consequences have been accounted for. Some of us are very distracted; have mental and physical health issues; environmental situation is uncertain.

Most worrying to me is the fact that the more I specialize, the more I have to outsource the basics of my existence: cooking food, taking care of my household, groceries, fixing a bicycle, cleaning my clothes, taking care of my child etc. These are boring necessities of life, which are not necessarily fun to do, but they keep me resourceful. Perhaps it’s an archaic social stereotype that I have, but it’s still somewhat unacceptable to me if a grown up person can’t cook an omelette, even though I resonate with veganism. And with the specialization, it’s detrimental to the societal development to be distracted with food preparation — one rather should be doing whatever they are specialized in.

Somehow it feels like putting the interest of the society before one’s own interest. Sounds scary and honourable at the same time.

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Last edited on Mar 3, 2019