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Skeuomorphism is coming back

It seems like we’re starting to slowly go out of the flat UI design fashion cycle. I notice that 3D and rich textures are used by designers more often these days to bring some differentiation to their work. I think flat UIs should stay for a bit longer though, iat least until we see first mass market AR devices that target casual usecases. I suppose that low resolution textures should look better with the modern UI trends. As soon as skeuomorphic is back in fashion, AR will have harder time because texture is not only about the colors when in 3D. Materials have roughness and irregularities. Our brains are tunes to perceive something that looks only 98% natural as fake and perhaps even dangerous (“something is wrong with it, it is weird and I don’t know how it will behave, so better stay away from it”). Try looking at renders or movements of human models in any 3D game and you know what I mean. They look unbelievably realistic, yet they are a tid bit different from real humans. That’s the reason why movie companies don’t strive just yet for entirely realistic appearance of their characters, and instead use human models of unrealistic proportions (eyes are too large, no neck, square heads etc). But as soon as AR is settled and the value has been proven (I think it’s a safe bet that it will happen someday), we’ll see a race for performance improvements, and after a few years AR computers will have enough power to render realisticly looking objects. Then skeuomorphism will be back, in all of its glory, until we don’t need it again.

And yes, fitness journal is up to date.

Last edited on Mar 6, 2019