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Setups and habits

I have periodic swings in my attitude towards software. When the curve is belly-up, I strive for the convenience. Shiny UIs, no configuration overhead, ease of use are the key factors during these periods. But then another loud story in the news happens, and I become all of a sudden very aware about my usage patterns, so I drop to the no-gimmick side of the curve: mostly text and terminals, try to share my data with a few parties as possible, prefer privacy over convenience.

I benefited from both of these extremes a lot. It’s obvious that the healthy way lies in the middle. But I like experimentation, and am motivated a lot by utopian visions, so that’s why extremes are my bread and butter.

The greatest takeaway from all of these swings is that setting up tech stuff sucks big time. It’s a burden.

Habits play huge role — it’s much less of a burden if tech is all familiar. Being locked in an ecosystem is also a huge factor. I’ve been attempting to use an Android smartphone as my primary device for a while. Man, switching to another ecosystem sucks so much. I polished my iOS usage patterns over many years, and now everything that is against the habit feels like an obstacle.

It might be truly an art to be able to merge an experience of using a particular service and platform patterns, so that people of both worlds feel like home.

Also a good reminder to self that the best ecosystem to stick with is the most simple, convenient and open one. Keep your notes in plain text files.

Last edited on May 25, 2019