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ripgrep in Atom

A few of my teammates use emacs. To navigate the code, I’ve seen them using ripgrep. It has superpowers to search contents of a project almost instantaneously. The workflow looks like this:

This is so easy, and so handy, that I immediately wanted to use the same approach. I haven’t switched to a proper editor just yet, and still using Atom. Intuitively, I’ve started to use “Find in Files” feature, but it turned out to be much, much slower, both in terms of navigation and search.

Today I had an idea of searching for “ripgrep” in Atom’s plugin repository, and luckily somebody else has already thought about the same problem and has written a plugin for it: atom-fuzzy-grep. I recommend it whole-heartedly. Don’t forget to install ripgrep to get the speed-of-light search.

Last edited on Mar 11, 2019