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Reason to upgrade

We’ve talked with a friend a few days ago, and they mentioned that somebody wouldn’t buy a new model of a smartphone because they don’t need the new model and the old one does everything they need from it. Everything inside me resonates with this approach (though I assume my list of purchases on Amazon is longer than of an average consumer — you can safely say I’m a hypocrite), however the next question that almost flew out of my mouth was “why doesn’t she need a new model?”

When looking at a professional and the equipment they use, subconciously I start to find reasons why they have the newest or not the newest model of a device or a tool. I was watching a short movie about one band’s recording process in the studio, and my attention was glued at the CD drive slot of an old (erghm, from 2011) iMac the sound engineer was using. Like, these are professionals with huge budgets and worldwide fame, so why can’t they upgrade their equipment?

Man, how screwed I am with my stereotypes and the way of thinking. It’s ingrained by now. Why in the world do I have to come up with a reason for staying on an old model of x or upgrading to a newer model? Why if there’s so much room for leisure, people interaction and creativity, I spend nights (like now is almost 3am) of watching YouTube on tech updates and politics? Why all of this bikeshedding? How can I break free?

Last edited on May 10, 2019