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Rational optimism

It’s very important to be positive and encouraging when people approach you with their aspirations. This happens to me a lot when friends pitch their ideas of a company, a product or a career choice they want to make. It’s much easier to be discarding of a dream someone has rather than think of how this can actually become a reality.

I once told a friend about a monthly income that I dream about. I must say it’s completely ridiculuous. I don’t know anyone who earns as much. I have little to no idea how to get to that point. I mean I do have ideas, but no idea of an actionable strategy. Boy I was surprised when that friend all of a sudden became very supportive of this ambition. They remind me of it on every other occasion, and it comes across as very real and true encouragement. Rarely I feel so supported as when I’m around this person.

I really want to be more like that. When somebody hangs out with me, they leave with another pair of wings on their back.

Screw pessimists. They don’t do anything any way, and they find all of the possible edgecases and reasons why something won’t work. I’m very sorry to everyone who I spilled my portion of unhealthy negativity on.

It only makes sense to be negative if you have a clear alternative (and doint nothing is not one). Otherwise lift people up by default.

This is a note to self.

Last edited on May 21, 2019