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Proud of hybrid apps

I can’t explain why but I have a burning desire to show the mobile community that creating high quality hybrid mobile applications is not only possible but should be celebrated and welcomed. I want to make a hybrid mobile application that will impress. That I can take good healthy pride in.

There were many times I felt lied and betrayed by the mobile community and the vendors. They said they had improved things for developers but in retrospect I understand that they have followed their hidden agendas.

Sometimes I meet people on the internet that do their job as a labor of love. They do it because they think it’s right. They have experienced the falsehoods and disappointments of these hidden agendas, and they are on a mission to solve real problems. There are no silver bullets. But there are ideas better than others.

I want to support these people. They are artists in its purest definition. They are true innovators.

I just thought that hybrid is all about tradeoffs. Electric cars are better for the environment, but if at the moment there’s not enough capacity to produce batteries or electric chargers, it’s better to manufacture hybrids. What does this mean in the context of mobile apps, I don’t know yet. Something to chew on.

Last edited on Jul 30, 2019