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Preference is weakness

I suggest you to entertain an idea to think about preferences as weaknesses. For example, these are all preferences: following a strict vegan diet; wearing a neon-green mohawk; using a very custom shell configuration; practicing a strict and unusual sleep schedule (like polynomic sleet); taking a shower every day etc etc etc.

All of these things have their benefits: lower environmental impact, ethical eating, self-expression, productivity increase, health improvements, more time, being less smelly.

What I would like to explicitly point out is that every preference we build up in our lives leads to less opportunity to enjoy life. When one has a taste for good wine, being served a glass of a cheap something, that remotely reminds a fermented juice, the evening might become very gloomy. If one is having an unusual sleep schedule and strictly omits carbs, then how would they go out for movies with friends, oh and indulge in some caramelized popcorn?

So you’ve guessed it right: the most ultimate way to maximize enjoyment in life is to starve yourself by laying naked under a rock for a week. Even wearing underwear would feel special afterwards! Yeah, make your choices (and judgements) wisely.

I like to have preferences. What I’ve seen working very well is to keep them secret. My grandma doesn’t need to know that I’m (mostly) vegan. When I visit her, she serves me an amazing dinner, made with love and thinking of me, and it is fish and potatoes. I pay respect to my grandma, and ask how she’s doing, or perhaps ask her to re-tell me that story from her childhood in a 42nd time. I don’t try to find excuses how not to eat that poor fish, and even don’t take out my phone to present her with the excerpts from the latest cancer research articles. Yes, indulging in meat is bad, and this fish probably has some unhealthy chemicals in it. But I’d rather cherish the moment with her, and leave the debates to the moment when I’m with someone I don’t like as much. And at home you won’t ever see me eating fish.

The example is not real. I’m not a vegan, neither I’ve seen my grandma for a while, but I do love my grandma and have some imagination, and I think you get the point.

Last edited on Mar 30, 2019