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Political discussions

I’m reminding myself that to stay calm and content it’s better to omit discussions that are political or indirectly political.

Politics are magnets for polarizing endless conversations. It’s hard to digest even a single argument, and there will be plenty in a single discussion. I become very sad when someone reminds me of a big threat (climate change, pollution) or of injustice and violence (wars, diseases). I can control my life to an extent, but I can’t change everyone. When I get into a political discussion, after every argument I spend more time in it, and become sadder and sadder.

It’s very easy to be drawn into these discussions on Twitter. Within 15 minutes of scrolling I see pretty much every problem of the society.

In case I want to have a discussion, I need to arm myself with the best arguments; think about them for a long time; arrange a time boxed debate with a good opponent, someone that I don’t have plans to be friends with. As it requires so much effort, I decided not to respond to political statements online or in person.

I do have opinions though, and I live by them. I will listen carefully to debates of other people. Observing from a side is much easier — you can turn it off.

Last edited on Jul 7, 2019