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Personal Finance

A few friends were asking me for some tips in personal finance. Here are the best sources of information on the topic I’ve found so far. Most, if not all, of the links listed below are from people either living or born in the US, thus the advice is usually targeted towards the audience in the US. However, one can still get enormous benefit from learning bits and pieces of universal truth that these resources provide.

Mr. Money Mustache’s Blog


I think that Mr. Money Mustache’s blog is the pinnacle of one’s approach to personal finance. I admire his thoughts on simplified investing, maximizing happiness, eliminating (financial) waste, being resourceful, delayed gratification, voluntary suffering, fitness and many other topics. MMM has a great style of writing, so I suggest you give yourself a treat by reading all of the blog posts from the very beginning.

Mad Fientist’s Podcast


Great set of interviews with the most prominent people from the FIRE movement. Most of the episodes will introduce you to the personal story of the interviewees. My favorites are the ones with JL Collins, Mrs. Frugalwoods and author’s personal reflections on his second year of early retirement.

Early Retirement Extreme Blog


Jacob has stopped posting to the blog several years ago, but most of his ideas stand the test of time. They are very different from the mainstream, and that’s why I find the blog very interesting.

Choose FI Podcast


This podcast is also full of interviews. Interviewers do a great job of covering particular topics in each of the episodes, like travel rewards, house hacking, generosity, parenthood etc. I’m still going through the episodes. So far my favorites are about generous giving and The Good Dad Project.

JL Collin’s Stock Series


This is a very simple guide on how to invest in the stock market. I trust Jim’s writing because he has tried many approaches and has done lots of mistakes, worked in the financial industry, and went through several recessions.

The Dave Ramsey Show


Dave’s book “The Total Money Makeover” was my first dip into the world of personal finance. I’ve binge-read the book in an evening or two, and then listened to his show for many, many hours. Dave gives a classic american “your gradma’s” advice: save a 1000$, get out of debt, save more and invest 15% for retirement (no, his advice is a bit more complex than that). I think that this show is a great starter for a somebody who has no idea about personal finance. After one’s covered the basics, I suggest going to MMM.

Financial Independence Movement in Europe


Last edited on Jan 28, 2019