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One too many

Based on YouTube’s view counts, anything related to the minimalism of posessions, living out of a suitcase, micro apartments, living space hacks etc. etc. etc. is very popular. I don’t think many people apply the learnings (based on the judgement of my own self, ofcourse), so I wonder why they are popular.

Is it that people have less space these days? Or they want to have less space? Or they perhaps want to travel all the time? Or is it just a craving for being entertained with neat ideas and watching others do something interesting?

Watching (or reading) people solve logic riddles makes me feel smarter. Let me not be fouled by it.

It’s a great time to be alive — people can have less posessions without compromises in their lifestyle. Rent, share, temporarily buy and sell, enjoy access to a variety of relatively cheap high-quality products.

What can you throw away (or better sell) tomorrow? I have one bicycle too many.

Last edited on Apr 13, 2019