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On learning vim

I’m thinking of switching to vim for my day-to-day work. I’m trying to gradually prepare myself for the transition. First, I’m writing this blog using vim. There’s little to no structured editing involved in it, which is the main difference between writing freeform text and code, but it’s still useful to build the basic habits. Then I’m using vim for a few experimental projects. They don’t go as fast as they would go if I used a familiar editor, but the main point is learning, and so I learn at least an editor.

It’s definitely a good advice not to learn a new programming language and a new editor at the same time. When learning either of these I feel completely lost in the very beginning. It’s very comforting to have something familiar in the process so the brain can hold onto it. Otherwise the new environment becomes so unfamiliar, that my brain declares it’s actually hostile, and thus I should flee… to check what’s on the Hacker News today.

I also made a curry today, and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Last edited on Mar 23, 2019