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New revelation about bicycles

I love when things make sense. Some ideas are better than the others, and it takes me years to progress in the understanding of great ideas. One of such ideas is Lisp, and the more I discover about it the more it makes sense. The other one is the bicycle.

Here’s my recent revelation: a complete repair kit to fix most of the issues with my bicycle on the go weights only about a kilogram and takes a small part of my pannier. Two spare tyres for my and my kid’s bicycles (can be replaced with patches), a multitool, a small wrench, tyre levers, several replacement chain links, a small pump, handgloves, chain lubricant, replacement brake and gear shifting cables. Some spare spokes and a spoke key would be nice too.

You can’t fix everything on the go, but most problems can be fixed easily and with very little experience.

When we’re talking about commuting to work or navigating through the city, I think it’s totally fair to compare cycling with driving a car. And then if we compare the aspect of on the go repairs, how much weight and space would the repair kit take, and how much knowledge would one need to replace a tyre?

Last edited on Aug 11, 2019