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New name for second-hand

I was listening to several interviews with Andrew Yang last week, and I loved how they “rebranded” universal basic income — the freedom dividend. Dividend entails that an individual benefits from technological progress of her nation, and freedom… well, who in the US doesn’t like freedom?!

I used to be sceptical of giving things new names. The thing stays the same now matter how you call it! But then I noticed how different it is when it comes to people-related things. I have opinions on it. I’ve seen friends’ lives turned around as soon as they changed the way they talk about themselves and life in general. Language affects feelings a lot.

And who would argue that Newspeak works? I myself am most likely a product of what the communist party used to preach back in the USSR days. Death and life are indeed in the power of the tongue.

I think that second-hand is great. But the name sucks. Think of it: does the name spark joy in you for using your money effectively? Do you get a feeling that it’s a trustworthy source of material goods that would last a lifetime and feel great when you’ll be using them? Are you getting full of hope that humanity will survive it’s own technological advancement and not destroy Earth’s ecology?

Yeah right, there’s not even a glimpse of any of these feelings.

If a product survives a period of usage from its first consumer, and is even market-worthy to be re-sold, then I think it’s a huge compliment to the product and the manufacturer. I as a second owner of this product will enjoy it’s luxury-like quality, won’t spend a fortune to acquire it, it will most likely just work because it’s repairable and the manufacturing defects are clearly absent, and yay the industry doesn’t need to make another product for me. Some stuff does get better the longer you use it.

So we need a good name for second-hand. We have a bunch of terms already, like reusable, vintage, eco-friendly, budget-friendly etc. “Renting out” misses the luxury and ownership part. I’m sure people came up already with a term “co-owning”, like they call a usual WG a “co-living” space (please, don’t).

These all are bad, in a way. We need something like The Freedom Dividend but for used stuff. I tried to come up with some names, but quickly halted the process after my brain spit out “The Luxury Booty”. I think something with “classic” might work well.

Any ideas?

Last edited on Apr 28, 2019