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My Twitter dilemma

I have a problem with Twitter. Well, several, I suppose. First and foremost, I have little to no discipline of keeping myself away from the timeline. If only I open it with an intention to distract myself for a minute, I’ll find myself 20-30 minutes later still mindlessly scrolling through it. I’ll hate myself after it because I lost time.

After reading the timeline I usually find myself feeling way worse than before I opened it. There’s so much negative yelling about politics and world problems that want it or not — it gets on you. And then I’m feeling that we’re all doomed.

There’s also little to no value that Twitter brings to me these days. It used to (I even landed a job once). There are a few people there that I care about, but that’s about it.

So I thought of deleting my account. I had the same issue with Instagram, I deleted my account, and I think that it was a great decision almost every day since then. In a similar fashion I went ahead and disabled my Twitter account.

But then I wrote a blog post yesterday, and wanted my friends to have a look at it. How should I let them know about it? I don’t have even a slightest amount of hope that somebody will visit my homely corner of the internet. Everybody says RSS is dead. Never in my life I felt so isolated.

So I reactivated my Twitter account, posted the link there, and got some feedback from my friends. The feedback felt great! But then I got swallowed by the cunning dragon of Twitter’s timeline, and the negative feelings overcame.

I think setting up an automatic repost might be a good way to solve the problem. I’ll give the password to my account to a friend so that I don’t have a chance to login.

Also, I wish that Twitter would have RSS feeds for people’s timelines.

Last edited on Jan 4, 2019