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My stolen bicycles

I’ve had two bicycles stolen in the past several years. Both of them had a child seat installed on them. Because we arrange our family transportation almost exclusively with cycling, not having a bicycle means that all of a sudden we have to spend additional one to two hours of pointless commuting every day. This is painful.

Having something stolen from you sucks. I think there’s a difference between different types of theft: one can steal money, which is sad (and sometimes vital, unfortunately) but at least it’s replaceable; one can steal a phone, which is sad because it can have a photoalbum full of memories that the owner didn’t have a copy; one can hypothetically even steal a wheelchair, which I think is even worse morally. Because theft of a bicycle happened to me personally, and considering the fact that both bicycles had child seats on them, I would naturally put this situation into the more immoral theft bucket. “How could they steal something with a child seat on it?! It’s almost as if they would steal a stroller!”, thought I to myself.

This all kept going on in my head, until a friend said once: “What if the thieve also has a child, and they needed the money more than you do?” And man, this torn me to pieces. How could I have such a blind spot and not even think of such a scenario?

So I’m more content now. Luckily I had the opportunity to replace the bicycles. Hopefully these thieves needed them more than I did.

Last edited on May 24, 2019