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Muscle, taste and music

I do general athletic workouts every Thursday. But tomorrow we have some friends over, so I moved the session to today. It felt great, however some muscle are sore since yesterday’s run.

It’s so unusual for me to feel the muscle separately! Before starting to do sport activities on a regular basis, everything I could tell you about how my muscular system feels was either that I’m tired or I’m fine. These days I can say that I feel my lats, longissimus, front deltoids etc.

It’s very similar to the development of taste. As a kid, I used to like some foods or I disliked them. I couldn’t explain why or talk about the details. These days I can recognize spices and ingredients. Or take music as another example. As a kid I only cared how I felt when listening to a band. But now I can lay with a good pair of headphones listening to a favorite song, imagining a studio where musicians play their distinct parts, and I can even move in that studio, all within my mind, from one instrument to another.

That’s why I think it’s very important for humans to learn how to do fitness on their own. I think it’s one of the things that shouldn’t be outsourced to others (in this case — personal or group coaches). Get several sessions with a professional, learn the basics, build up unused muscle to omit future over-compensation and injuries, and go and learn this skill on your own. Yes, you will make mistakes, won’t do the best exercises, perhaps even harm yourself. But that’s the journey. Read, experiment, check how you feel, watch smart people on YouTube, and grow your knowledge. Our generation has so much opportunity to become these amazing superhumans that can do anything and everything, and we shouldn’t drop the ball on it.

Last edited on Jan 31, 2019