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Much love for cycling

My social media bubble circle is getting full of nice cycling videos, mostly from Netherlands. Here’s a nice video which shows how people transport all the stuff you can imagine, from their brittle bodies (and no helmets!) to sofas and ovens. I have a need of transporting a table once, and I seriously considered renting out one of these huge cargo bicycles.

Just three tweets down I saw this article from Forbes regarding lowering the sales tax for bicycles. Great initiative.

It’s difficult to break the system, but I hope we can motivate more people to get rid of their cars, move closer to their work, and get cycling. I believe that cycling culture is a system that has little to no unwanted side-effects.

I’m also looking forward for clothing brands to start producing more sports clothes that look casual and stylish. It’s difficult to find clothes that fit an active cycling lifestyle and that don’t look like you just came from a racing track.

Oh, and a special request to folks at Twitter: can you please tune the feed algorithm to keep feeding me with with goodness? Cheers!

Last edited on Mar 30, 2019