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Mountain bikes

I used to think that mountain bikes are stupid. Well, if you’re as narrow minded about bicycles as I am you’ll probably get the same thoughts. I envisioned bicycles as means to an end, to a rather utilitarian one: commuting, bring your child to a kickboxing class, grab 35 kilos of groceries from the store, pick up a kettlebell from craigslist, go to a meetup. I think an utilitarian approach to cycling is awesome, and I’d hate to need to use a car for it.

Now, I want to see if there’s a leisure and sport aspects to cycling, and if I’m going to like ‘em. The type of a fun bike that’s closest to my utilitarian preferences (like the Pelago Hanko) is a gravel bike. I still think road bicycles is mostly a fancy torture and mountain bicycles are too complex to maintain (because of the suspension).

I wanted to change my mind, so I checked out a few videos online of how people ride mountain bicycles. And you’ll rarely find any videos of people commuting on them. Instead you find lots of dangerous single track downhill rides, which… are super fun to watch at least. It seems like a mountain bicycle is the only type of bikes that was built solely for fun (happy to be proven wrong). Wow, taking my words back.

Last edited on Oct 9, 2019