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Most difficult things about zero waste

It seems like zero waste becomes mainstream. How do I know? I check what youtubers with more than 100k+ subs are up to, and then make my judgement.

I remember when I was a kid and my grandma used to wash and then hang to dry plastic bags that she got at a market together with the produce. I thought this was ridiculous. It somehow felt that this is a thing what poor people in small towns do, and I saw myself as a smart boy from a big city. Sure. Yet a few years later I find myself instinctively doing almost the same. I mean, I don’t exactly wash the bags, but I now think it’s not that bad of an idea. My grandma gave me a positive example.

I like reusing things in general. Some things are suited for frequent reuse, like a kitchen knife, some are not suitable for it at all, like a plastic knife you get at a fastfood diner. You can reuse a plastic knife, but it will break very soon. Same with the plastic bags — they are just made to last two or three usage cycles, and that’s it.

The most difficult things in becoming a zero waste grocery shopper:

It’s also helpful to not try going zero waste on day one. Gradual change is more sustainable.

Last edited on Mar 19, 2019