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Modern team communication

Modern tech teams are expected to ship shiny things. Shiny things should work flawlessly (research, engineering and QA), look like an eye-candy (design), follow the plan (management), make people want them (marketing) and sold in large quantities (sales).

No manager can contain all of these in their head. Highlights — yes, details — no chance. A manager has to make too many decisions with too little time. The pace is the fastest in history. There’s no other way except to trust individual contributors to make decisions on their own.

An individual contributor needs to know as much information as possible to make good decisions.

The bigger the team, the more there is information. Too much information makes you spend all your time catching up with what the rest is doing.

We need a way to let individuals know all the information in little time.

Give a person three paragraphs of text and they’ll spend a minute reading them. Give a person an image and a paragraph of text, and they get the idea in 10 seconds.

That’s why I love using Pitch. It’s difficult to explain what I mean, but I tried my best.

I should do what I say, and should probably start making daily presentations instead of these blogs because I know y’all sick of reading.

Last edited on Oct 1, 2019