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Make fun of myself

I was always very ashamed when people would joke about things that I hold dear to my heart. The oldest memory I have is when I was seven and I was very intimidated if anyone was in the room while the theme song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was playing. I just loved the song, and still do. I wanted to sing and dance every time I hear it. But if anyone was in the room, I would turn red and hope that intro would end as soon as possible.

Then at some point I saw other people make fun of themselves, and saw how easy they would handle when others make fun of them. They would appear so confident, mature and secure.

One other thing that I’ve learnt about myself is that the things, hobbies, beliefs and even strongholds come and go every couple of years. I loved to listen to metal ten years ago, and didn’t even consider hip-hop listenable. Now I listen to weird rappers from SoundCloud. Go check out Lil Xan. Everyone seems to have face tats these days. Cool.

Making fun of myself prepares me to handle situations when someone, intentionally or not, makes fun of something that I like. This has a great side-effect: I tend to care less about what others think and say.

But it also helps me not to take myself too serious. Cause only a boring luddite would write on his homy corner of the internet every day, right? Look at him: interested in all the fads and trying to be a writer.

Last edited on Apr 6, 2019