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Looking for a mentee

Update 2019-06-02: I have closed the proposal for now.

I’m looking for a mentee. I’d like to help a person move forward career wise.

My name is Misha, and I’m a programmer. I used to work on Wunderlist for iOS, then landed at Microsoft, and now I’m doing my programming and managing duties at Pitch — a startup which I was very lucky to cofound with my friends. My biggest strengths are frontend work, product design and implementation, and I try to listen people with all of my attention.

So far I’ve helped at least four of my close friends, and all of them are excellent professionals and doing phenomenally well. This makes me incredibly happy. You can ask me about details in person.


We will be discussing your plans, perhaps dreams and ambitions; we will be structuring your learning path; we will be reviewing your work; we will be preparing for interviews; we will be making sure the least amount of effort brings results; I will be answering your questions, no matter how seemingly silly they are.

I can’t promise a lot, perhaps just a few of my hours in a month. I’ve seen it work very well.

And I won’t charge you a dime — it’s all free.

If you’re interested, send me an introductory email to hello@mkarp.co. And please share this link with your friends who might be interested!

Last edited on Jun 3, 2019