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Lezyne Micro Floor Drive

I got myself a great bicylce pump last week — Lezyne Micro Floor Drive. I have to admit Lezyne has a very confusing naming when it comes to pumps. There’s probably a system in it, but it’s not obvious unless you really know what every pump is for.

Anyway, so I got the model with a manometer. The pump is awesome — very lightweight, so I can throw it in my commuter bag without noticing additional weight. It’s also one of the few small pumps which you can push against the ground.

But then basically the same day I got it, I somehow cracked the manometer, so it stopped holding the air pressure. Well, the pump became useless. But what does a human do when some of their possesions break? They throw it away and get a new one, right? Wrong. The human takes their mighty toolbox and applies creativity to solve the issue — the very thing our brains were designed for.

I quickly checked the internets for the replacement hose, and the exact same hose with a manometer costs around 55€. I mean, the whole new pump is less than that. No thanks.

But then I found a replacement hose from Lezyne that doesn’t have a manometer, and is also much cheaper. I hesitated before ordering it because I didn’t know if it fits. But I still took the risk, it arrived today and… bingo! It fits perfectly. Only the length was a bit too much. I was very surprised I could cut the hose with a kitchen knife, because somehow I expected that the ends of the hose would be capped with some special nuts. But the system is much simpler: the hose can be cut to any length, and it goes on a male ventil connector.

Additional to that, the old broken hose had a great ABS Flip Chuck which I managed to fit on another floor pump I have from a different manufacturer. So now I have two awesome pumps.

Lezyne, well done — your products are very easy to repair! I wish more companies would be like you.

Last edited on May 28, 2019