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Less work

One of the most difficult parts of my job is to make sure I’m doing the smallest steps towards an ideal vision of a product while making sure that users benefit from these steps.

Let’s say I have to make an app to order a pizza. It can be infinitely complex with visualizations, menus, ingredients selection, filters and search, description pages, checkout and login experiences, promotions, eye-candy design, social media mumbo-jumbo, delivery notifications, communication between customer and the business etc etc etc.

The most vital question a product designer (or engineer) must repeatedly ask themselves, almost in a mantra-like manner: what is the minimum amount of work I have to do to increase the value proposition?

After being involved in finding a solution to a problem for some time, we get blind spots, and it becomes difficult to further divide our solution. That’s when it’s helpful to involve other people that are not yet bought in our solution.

Doing less work is awesome. You see results quicker. It’s easier to estimate. It’s possible to see the light in the end of the tunnel. It will have less bugs. Everyone is happier with less work.

Last edited on Feb 27, 2019