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Learning notes on RxSwift

These are my learning notes on RxSwift after watching an introductory video course. I’ve sent these notes to a friend of mine who mentors me, and he suggested that I publish them as a blog post. It positively impacted my learning process.

I’ve written all of the definitions in my own words so that I can remember the material better.

After finishing the video course, I had some significant gaps in understanding of the basics. Because I just kept writing the notes, I had a goal to be able to explain the terms, and after finishing, I’ve started to understand them.

I stopped the videos and redid all the examples I saw by myself. This helped a lot, because I learn by doing.

I’ve used Xcode Playgrounds for this. Setting up Playgrounds to work with a 3rd party CocoaPods library is tricky; I’ve tried to use an open source tool to automate the process, but it didn’t support Swift 4, so I did it manually in the end.

The course was in Swift 3 and RxSwift 3. RxSwift 4 was just released and had some significant changes, which I figured out from the documentation.

It was challenging for me to understand the RxSwift’s Getting Started documentation, and after finishing the course and getting some hands-on experience, the documentation became very clear.

I’ve also found marble diagrams very helpful.

Here are the notes:

Last edited on Dec 29, 2018