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Kona Rove ST

I took the latest Kona Rove ST for a short ride around the block the other day, and I think it’s love.

I was opposed to thick (>35mm) tyres, but after riding them on a cobblestone I take my words back.

I’d like to get into cycling as more of a sport thing rather than my usual utilitarian approach (ride to the office, pick up the kid on the way home, get some groceries for the week etc.) I have my doubts that I’ll stick to it.

I’ve heard an opinion is that men are more interested in things, I can relate to this like a lot. So my urge for the new bike might be just that. If I look at all of my previous years, I was pretty much obsessed by wanting to buy this or that thing all the time. The first thing I can remember was a bigger cage for my hamster, around age 8. Hamsters should live in the fields.

Last edited on Oct 4, 2019