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Jewelry, screwdrivers

A few years ago I treated apps a bit like jewelry. I would spend time looking at them, studying the details, animations and interactions. I would meditate on how I feel about using them. Every pixel and frame rate would matter a lot to me.

These days I treat apps a bit like a screwdriver or a wrench. I open them and they should perform what is expected. It’s a bonus if the app looks good. Most importantly it should do its job quickly. And quickly doesn’t necessarily mean being performant. If I’m using an email client, and I want to find a recent email from a friend, it should let me do it without me thinking about it. It should deliver the result quickly, whatever it means. It should be designed around results.

I guess it’s because apps became a commodity. I’m looking forward to the next text convolution where I’ll marvel at a product, not simply treat it as a utility.

Last edited on Jul 9, 2019