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iPad is tempting

Today I wanted to use an iPad again. I saw how my colleague was using a terminal emulator on his iPad and I imeediately got this craving. What’s weird is that the emulator app wasn’t any better than on any other computer. It’s just the understanding that what seemed to be a toy a few years ago is ready to be used for my work.

I don’t understand this craving, and I don’t like it. Yes, latest iPad is an awesome piece of engineering. Best possible screen, weight, size, touch and pen (-cil) support, physical keyboard. But it’s not that different from a laptop. Yet I want it.

I wish I wouldn’t want it. I wish I thought “meh” and went to do some meaningful things instead of daydreaming about it.

Although the technical capabilities are very similar, I don’t get the same craving when I see a Surface Pro.

What’s cool is that despite all of the richness of Apple’s UI components, using shell on this newest and hottest hardware still makes sense. There’s ls, cat, curl and grep, there’s vim. It all works like on any other machine. I have this moment of appreciation for how great pipes and filters architecture is on a weekly basis.

To supress the craving for wanting to use an iPad, I tried to convince myself that it’s all proprietary software, with cameras, microphones and location services that are out of user’s control, so I immediately became scared of it. Fear is a great antidote for craving.

Last edited on Jan 18, 2019