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Impressions from :clojureD 2019

So :clojureD happened today. I think it went great! There were several talks that I found entertaining and/or educational. I also got to chat a bit longer with some of my friends and people from the community. And we had an after party. I think these things are what programming conferences are for.

My resolution from today is to attend talks that are rather artsy, or about which I have barely any clue. And if the talk is boring, quietly walking out is always an option.

My favorite talk was about graph databases. It started with a very basic introduction, and then Paula transitioned into more advanced stuff like indexes, and she did it with just the right speed. I appreciated how honest she were regarding DataScript. Seeing code examples gave the presentation a very hands-on feeling. In general it was great to listen to a talk from someone who has decades of experience on the subject, and yet they are very humble.

Last edited on Feb 23, 2019