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I don't understand what privacy is

Recently I thought I started to pay attention to my online privacy. I deleted most of the accounts on various SaaS-es, installed various tracker blockers in Firefox, deleted social media accounts etc etc etc. I even started to write this blog because I needed to pour out some thoughts but didn’t want to use any social media, because in this way I think that I own the data.

Then I thought that privacy perhaps is not what I thought I was going for. Due to this blog, every shady company and malicious person can find out about me much more than previously. So I actually opened up instead of hiding. And once something has been published online, I guess it’s public forever.

I’m striving for something, just it’s still not quite clear what for. The best answer I have so far is that I’m fighting against my own online convenience. I’m downshifting because I don’t want the modern state of tech to be my status quo. It’s too good to be true already, and I’d like to shift right now towards sustainability rather than further convenience. I want to feel amazed every time I use an online delivery service, or every time I learn a new skill through YouTube. It all is a fruit of voluntary suffering, in its mildest form. I’ll probably be writing more about it in the following weeks.

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesday means running.

Last edited on Feb 19, 2019