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Hummus improvements

I think I’ve improved my skills for making hummus today. First of all, I finally have measuring cup and spoons, so I could for the first time follow the recipe precisely. And then I’ve changed the order I blend the ingredients. Previously, I would first deal with the chickpeas, and only when they turn into paste I would add the rest of the ingredients. Today I’ve tried blending everything except chickpeas first, until it becomes a smooth creamy paste, and then add small portions of chickpeas together with some water. It turned out much more organized and way, way more tastier. Thank you, internet!

Oh, and I visited a friend today and tried their vegan chili. Now I don’t even know if I can call a “chili” that bean dish thing I cook once in a while. Man, there are great cooks out there.

I was also watching a few of Gordon Ramsay shows yesterday, and now I’m upset because I can’t get my time back.

Last edited on Mar 23, 2019