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How I dealt with RSI

If you don’t know what RSI is, check out Wikipedia.

For me it started as a feeling of weakness in my right wrist. I couldn’t lift a piece of furniture when moving apartments — my hands couldn’t hold the grip. Then at some point it started to be difficult to fall asleep because of the dull pain in the arm. That was the moment when I decided to try fixing it.

By the way, my pains went from almost not noticeable to difficult to tolerate when I switched to using Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. The keyboard has so little key travel that it just feels like typing on a table. The mouse is meant to be held with a pinkie and a thumb. Good luck with avoiding wrist stress with these products.

There things that did wonders for me:

  1. I started to use a split keyboard. I’ve tried several ones:

  2. I started to use an ergonomic mouse. For a while I’ve been using a vertical mouse like this one, but I used to tip it to the side several times a day because it’s too high. I’ve tried using a trackball until I started to experience thumb pain. I ended up using Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse because I find it’s ball-like shape to be right in-between usual mice and ergonomic vertical ones. It kind of has benefits of both without the downsides.

  3. A regular arm stretch routine. This one helped me a lot.

That’s it. Hope someone finds it helpful.

Last edited on Apr 29, 2019