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How I blog on an iPhone

Today I discovered how to blog on an iPhone. And I did it in the most complicated way you can imagine!

I blog in a text editor on a laptop. I’ve been travelling a few times since the last month, and had to keep up with my daily blogging. So using my phone to blog became a need.

I use an excellent markdown editor 1Writer on my phone for simple note taking. I wondered if I could connect this blog’s git repo as a Files extension on iOS. This should somehow allow me to save posts directly to the git repo.

And bingo — Working Copy does just that! So now I can create posts in my favorite editor on another platform.

There are three takeaways.

Apple was smart to bend its original vision of not having direct access to a file system. Files app is a very limited resemblance of it. This allows complicated workflows without creating more apps. I bet that if someone came up with a blogging app for my workflow, they would have a hard time matching text editing experience from 1Writer. Same with Working Copy.

Second, I came up with a complicated workflow. If a workflow is so complicated, there is a way to simplify it. But I don’t want to simplify it just now. So I keep distorting the reality.

And the last one — open standards are awesome. Because I stuck with plain text files and git, I can transition to another platform without a hassle.

Last edited on Jun 14, 2019