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Having and not having

I think that compounding of skills and human qualities is real. Be it professional skills, athletic performance, ability to control one’s mind, wealth, mental health. The ones who have the asset will continue working on it and will get better at it. The ones who don’t have the asset won’t work on it and will get worse at it.

It almost feels like it’s unfair. We grow up being taught that sharing with the ones who lack something is good. Sharing is caring. But you can’t plant in somebody’s mind a piece of motivation, mindfulness, peace, hope, immediate urge for action. You can share words and emotions, but it’s the receiver who decides what to do next.

I really hate the fact that nothing good in personal development happens on its own most of the times. You have to be deliberate. And the only thing that keeps you from progression is action.

It’s important to remember that one can move in either direction: from not having to having it, and also from having it to falling back and then loosing it. It gives hope to people, but also this hope might be just a warm feeling and not an urge for cold-headed action.

Last edited on Jun 7, 2019